How to write and erase on a smart board

However, you may not want to delete all your writing. When you're done combine and save both the projected image and your hand-written notes into a single file on your computer.

The Pro series powers up when you walk into the room, and turns on instantly when you press power or pick up a pen. Share in the comments section. A smooth writing experience produces lines with curved edges that look like natural handwriting.

June 20, - 3: Presence detection cameras automatically turn the panel on and off when you walk in or leave the room, saving you energy and extending the life of your display. A camera button located on the board itself and in the mobile app allows snapshots of the content to be taken at any time and saved as a PDF or JPEG.

Follow-up Strategies Daily Quick Checks At the end of the lesson, I use the dry erase boards to assess how the class as a whole is progressing.

Teaching this way allows me to keep instruction moving quickly when students grasp the concepts easily, or slow down when they need more time. Everyone is able to jump in using pens, erasers and fingertips.

This quick check enables me to start my instruction at the right instructional level. Like any new technology tool, it takes time to get used to, but once you learn the basics for how to use a SMART Board, you will be well on your way to delivering fun, interactive lessons with your students.

Draw a complete circle around your writing with the eraser, and then tap in the middle of it to delete all that you drew a circle around. Working together on the next big thing for your business is easy and fun when colleagues can move objects, type on the screen and tap to select at the same time.

This informal assessment lets me know what types of problems to assign for homework and where to start my instruction the next day. If you are using a SMART Board for the first time, it has recently been moved to a new location, or the alignment on your existing board is not as good as it used to be, you will need to calibrate the board so that it accurately recognizes your touch on the board.

Repeat this procedure until all the targets have been selected. You can engage your students, present content interactively, run PowerPoint slides, highlight and annotate board with a virtual pen and use your hands to make use of touchscreen features. What are your favorite ways to use dry erase boards in the classroom.

The Smart Boards are interactive whiteboards with touchscreen support which allow you to write with a pen, use a finger to navigate your content and even use a palm to erase the board. Rolls up and fits neatly into a carrying case for impressive portability.

Automatic, over-the-air software and firmware updates with every new release save your IT department lots of time. The SMART Board has several colored pens to choose from, but will only remember the last color you pick up, regardless of how many pens are in your hand at any given time.

Dry Erase Whiteboards

Each week, I give at least one paper and pencil graded quiz for my records, but these daily formative assessments give me the immediate feedback I need for planning.

Erasing and Saving Writing When you are ready to erase your writing, you have a number of options, but you should always start be putting any pens you have out back in the pen tray.

Room License Personal License Push updates. All the little expenses add up fast. Automatic, over-the-air software and firmware updates with every new release save your IT department lots of time. Even easier on your IT team.

Alternatively, you will notice 3 icons in the top right hand corner of your board. Mounts to a wall or use with a rolling floor stand. However, you will not be able to scroll down the page, so make sure you have what you want on the screen before you pick up the pens.

You can also use the board with other objects. I alternate a few minutes of direct instruction with a few minutes of individual white board practice, always checking to see if my students are ready for the next step.

We don't just offer the largest selection of dry erase boards for every requirement and budget. Simply touch the object you want to move, and drag it where you want to move it to without releasing pressure on the board. Some companies like teacher-created Kleenslate Concepts can even customize them for you with handwriting lines, graphic organizers, or music lines.

You can now write, draw or annotate whatever is on your screen. Apparently, using dry erase boards is not a lost art after all. Early whiteboards needed to be wiped with a damp cloth and markers had a tendency to leave marks behind, even after erasing the board.

Nov 30,  · Joe wrote: Do you have or have you considered using a mobile touch enabled device. A Bluetooth drawing tablet like smart slate or other brand would allow this to be accomplished conveniently without actually modifying the TVs. Global Industrial™ Magnetic Dry Erase White Board - 72 x 40 - Steel Surface - Aluminum Frame Wall mounted whiteboard is made of high quality painted steel, which resists ghosting and staining and provides easy erasability.

You can use the circle and tap feature to easily erase a large area on a SMART Board interactive whiteboard. Pick up the eraser, encircle the area you want to erase, and then tap in the middle of the area.

SMART Kapp Revolutionizes Dry Erase Board

Erasing (and writing) with your finger Did you know that you can both erase and write on the SMART Board interactive SMART Board Tips. Shop at Dry Erase for a Variety of Magnetic Dry Erase Boards, Electronic Whiteboards and Reversible Rolling Markerboards for Schools and Businesses.

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School Smart Dry Erase Board is designed from high quality melamine base with unruled or plain surface and features a rounded corners for added safety. White dry erase boards measuring 9 L x 12 W inches enables the student to write and wipe off easily.

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How to write and erase on a smart board
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